Media and Arts Partnership


Welcome to the online portfolio of Media and Arts Partnership

A public art consultancy company

Through the work of director Sue Ball, MAAP creates opportunities and new approaches to urban regeneration through working in the gaps and cracks of the system and in partnership with a diverse range of national public and private sector organisations. Creative projects focus on cross disciplinary working to engender new ways of thinking about places, peoples, society and the spaces we occupy. By bringing developers, city planners, design teams and artists together, MAAP instigates dynamic collaboration, encouraging innovation and creative discourse on urban space and what it is to be public.

MAAP has practical experience in delivering a diverse range of projects that draw on an extensive background of work in contemporary art and the built environment with budgets ranging from £5k-646k, and in liaison with a multidisciplinary network of partners and collaborators in the region, the UK and internationally.


Image Credits:

Sue Ball teaching MA Landscape Architecture; Warwick Bar Summer Fete 2013 photo by Greg Milner; David Oluwale event; Licht auf Licht exhibition (Gehart Kassner’s photographs of Hans Peter Kuhn’s installations) documentation by Simon Warner; Holy Trinity Church at Expo, Paul Rooney’s Thin Air at Expo, Black Dogs’ Tower Walks, sound recording by Lee Patterson at Tower Works photo by Jon Stanley Austin; Martin Smith’s model pin clock proto types photo by Jon Stanley Austin