Brentford Lock West

Commissioner: Isis Waterside Regeneration

Development of a Cultural Programme and Strategy

Brentford Lock West

January 2010

MAAP was commissioned by Isis Waterside Regeneration on their Brentford Lock West scheme in London to develop a Cultural Programme and Strategy for the site. Connecting with key agencies in the west London area including Watermans Arts Centre, north and west London artist studio provider ACAVA and festival organisers Creativ8 for on-site walks and conversation, the theme of ‘Green Routes and Shoots’ emerged which, leading up to 2012 and beyond, sought to mobilise and give a curatorial steer to a diverse and imaginative range of programmed and self-organised activities.

The broad theme also usefully served to provide a framework that arose from the unique characteristics and position of the site, from its contemplative canalside location and use of the towpath as cycling and walking route; the creative energy from its relationship to the film and TV worlds, its industrial heritage of wharfs, warehousing and hostelries and hinterland of orchards and strawberry fields, and the mix of its residents and businesses within the Brentford proximity.

The Cultural Strategy for Brentford Lock West was presented within the Planning Submission for the Brentford Lock West site by Isis. It supported the reappraisal of local assets of people, land and skills through a cultural lens and to bring people together in unconventional and creative ways as participants, producers and audiences to enjoy the environment and its waterside location. The programme seeks to provide a context for creative practitioners in which to investigate the characteristics of the site, and to play a catalytic role in energizing the local regeneration process.

Many thanks to those agencies that took part in the consultation process and particularly Cultivate London.

To download the full strategy click on the below image: