Licht auf Licht

Commissioner: Leeds City Council, Northern Way & Yorkshire Forward

In Collaboration with Project Space Leeds



An exhibition of 40 large scale Gerhard Kassner’s photographs of Hans Peter Kuhn’s light and sound installations. Licht auf Licht [Light on Light] showed Kuhn’s work from around the world, transforming urban landscapes and industrial architecture, beautifully captured by Kassner into photographic artworks in their own right.

Many of Kuhn’s installations have been temporary, Kassner’s images both provide a documentary record of what happened, but also give a permanence to the projects. They also answer the technical challenges of capturing light works in surroundings and conditions which are sometimes impossible to control, with great dexterity.

Kuhn’s works themselves take us back to that ongoing conversation around the notion of ‘public art’, and its role in contemporary urban life. Constructed of the most ephemeral materials (sound and light), they allow for a new responsiveness to architecture and site which is theatrical and evocative, with the possibility for a deepened understanding and sense of place.

The exhibition was programmed prior to the unveiling of the ‘Light’ Neville Street project.