Ways of Hearing Research

Commissioner: Sound and Music

London, Leeds and Bristol

2010 – 2011

As a national programme of research and review, Ways of Hearing will engage practitioners directly from a broad range of design and acoustic disciplines and sets off a process of inquiry into the act of listening and the relationship of the listener to their world.

Sitting somewhere between action research, critical review and professional development for the practitioner sector, it seeks to encourage a subjective contemplation of the experience of listening, with a view to ‘listening afresh’.

This research programme is contextualised within the field of urban literacy and seeks to broaden an understanding, on both personal and professional levels, of how we understand and shape the city through a directly sensory engagement with the people, places and spaces of the contemporary urban environment.

Partners included Arup and Blueprint, Arnolfini, Bristol Architecture Centre, Musarc (School of Architecture and Spatial Design, London Metropolitan University), Lumen and Opera North.