Ways of Hearing Workshop

Producer: MAAP

In Partnership with Lumen

Round Foundry Media Centre & Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds


The Ways of Hearing workshop was a series interventions and workshops as part of Architecture Week 2005 this Included sound walks around Holbeck Urban Village led by John Levack Drever (Head of Sound Art at Goldsmiths) and Bill Fontana (US Sound Artist). Two themes of the discussions were the ‘poetics of silence’ and ‘laughter & space’.  Invited participants included Richard Greer (ARUP) and John Thorpe (Civic Architect), Will Rose (Curator and Artist) and Tessa Gordziejko (Director of Imove).

The workshop aimed to explore the relation we have to our city through the act of listening and through interdisciplinary dialogues and discourse. There was a specific focus on Holbeck Urban Village and sensory relationships to city design. Conversations during this workshop fed into both the Ways of Hearing Research programme and the Light Neville Street public art commission.